Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowman Sundae!!

What a better way to start my blog back up than with a yummy treat!!! I got this idea from the fantastic blog Clean & Scentsible! (when I figure out how to link again I will come back and change this!)
Here is what you will need: - Vanilla ice cream (but be sure to get everything else ready first!)
-Large & Small marsh mellows
-Icing to keep the face together
-Candy!! You can use whatever you like, here is what we did:
-chocolate chip eyes
-cookie arms
-I cut orange gummie bears for the nose or a cheesy
-and sprinkles!!

I think our ice cream was a bit too soft to start with but they still turned out pretty cute and I managed to get pictures before they were gobbled up!!!:0)

The kids were thrilled with this activity probably because they got to eat SO much SUGAR!! Lucky enough we were able to go outside after and burn off some of that energy and no one complained of a tummy ache!!!!!