Wednesday, July 15, 2009

W is for Watermelon!

Me oh My, I am FINALLY back to my blog!! We have been back from our vacation for over a month and I am just now getting myself back together! I think I have been on Maui time!! I feel like I have so many projects to post about, one day I will get caught up. For now I will continue getting caught up on the alphabet that we finished in the middle of June!!

For this craft, I cut a W out of blue construction paper and had the children colour it with blue crayons talking about water while we did this. Next the children glued on red and green felt pieces to look like watermelon then added seeds with a black marker. The watermelons on the bottom right w have different seeds. My daughter hole punched black paper for her seeds.

Of course we had to have watermelon for snack too!!!!


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