Tuesday, May 12, 2009

T is for Toothbrush and Teeth!

For the letter T I cut out 'toothbrush' shapes in pink and had the children glue them onto red paper to form the letter T. For the bristles I cut out white rectangles and made little cuts on one side of the rectangle then the girls glued that to their toothbrushes. Next they glued on teeth. I thought about making the teeth yellow so when they were brushing them it would 'clean' them but for this time the teeth were white!!:0)

Using old tooth brushes the girls painted using white paint! I also thought about using real toothpaste but I did not know how it would dry - has anyone else tried using real toothpaste for an art project?
Here they are brushing their 'teeth'!! Lots of fun!
Jesse had a great time too, he also wanted to brush his hand!!

Here are their finished T's!!

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