Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blast from the past Valentine ideas!

I apologize for the side ways pictures, I have no idea how to turn them horizontal. If anyone knows how, I would love some advice!! I don't understand how they are horizontal in my computer then they load vertical!!???? Just to confuse me!!

Anyway these are some Valentine things I did for the kids in 2010 and 2011! Meals are always fun!! A bird!
A bunny!!
A beary sweat bear!!
I even turned their milk pink this year!!!!
Heart grilled cheese one year - not so creative but still fun!! They also had grapes so there was something healthy with this lunch!!
Two years in a row I 'heart attacked' their bedroom doors the night before. I write fun things, sappy love notes and jokes!! I also added a few treats too!! The kids love it!!
My munchkins in 2011!! Abby Emma and Jesse
Bear valentine holders with my daycare kids! I loved them!!!!
Jesse gave his preschool class finger puppet valentines!!
I cut out Jesse's hand and made the finger puppets. I also wrote the notes, but Jesse signed his name, drew the face on all the hearts and added the stickers!!
Rice Krispy hearts dipped in chocolate melts and valentine sprinkles on top!! Yum yum!!
For all of the crafts below, I made them with my daycare kiddo's who were aged 3 and 4 at the time!! Lots of fun!!
For this craft I cut out the red heart from construction paper, added sticky tack paper and the kids added as many tissue paper hearts that they wanted!! These looked great in the window!
"I am fishing for a kiss" The body of the fish was done in an old chocolate box and I cut out heart paper and the children did marble painting!! They loved it!! When the paint dried, we added the construction paper lips, eyes and fins!!
Love bug - ladybug!!
Fun butterflies!! The bodies were also done with marble painting!!
A horse and a puppy. Craft ideas from DLTK web site!!
"I wuff you!"
A kitty! "Have a purrfect Valentine's Day"
Gotta love the hand print hearts!! I even found a sparkly pink paint for the girls!!
"Have a Hoppy Valentine's Day" froggy!!

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