Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy March!

The night before St. Patrick's Day the kids decorated a box and put it on the window sill (in the light of the moon) according to our directions to capture a leprechaun! The next morning they woke up and the box was missing, but a note was left behind so the treasure hunt began!! The silly leprechaun pulled out a lot of green toys and apparently had a green tea party!!
He even turned our water in the water table green!!
In the end they found the missing box which included some gold coins, stickers, rainbow skittles and a lucky penny for each of them!! They all had a blast!!
We had a breakfast of green pancake muffins AND......
....green eggs of course!!:0)
We made a few crafts, including this puppet leprechaun,
a shamrock at he end of a chain rainbow,
some sticker shamrocks,
and in the window, our marble painted shamrocks!!
Then we had a little fun with colours and made rainbow milk!!
For lunch who wouldn't want to eat this yummy leprechaun?!!!
Emma - age 7
Abby - age 5
Jesse - age 3
Happy Green St.Patrick's Day from Lucky the Leprechaun and our family!!

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