Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The children decorated a box and put it in the window last night. During the night the 'leprechans' came and filled it with goodies then hid it in the house. This morning the children had to follow the green clues to find their treasure or the leprechans would come back and take it!! Here is their decorated box:
The kids talked about the leprechans all day!! I think it was a big hit!
Apparently the leprechans thought the stove would be a good hiding place! Not for my three munchkins though! They found it!!:0)
We made a few crafts today too! The clouds are supposed to be covered with cotton balls but Abby was not interested in doing that!

Decorated some shamrocks with tissue paper!
Made rainbows with pots of gold!

Here are the finished shamrocks. Sorry about the sideways pictures.

The pots of gold pictures! They turned out really good and I thought Emma's idea of having the leprechan sliding down the rainbow was great!!
Lunch time fun!! Lots of green!
Happy with their green lunches!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Hope you all had a green day!!;0)

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