Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Post!

So here I go I thought I would put up my first post to get it started. I have a family blog called Busy Bee with Three where I post pictures of our family adventures! I have in the past and still do a lot of crafts with my children and other children and wanted to post those pictures separately!! The first bunch of posts will probably be things we have done in the past that I want to remember and eventually I will catch up to the present and add things that we are doing through out the week. I want to keep track of ideas that worked as well as things that were either a flop or not age appropriate!! I love to share ideas and 'borrow' ideas from other people because there are so many of you creative people out there! I will as much as possible give credit where credit is due when I 'borrow' an idea but I apologize in advance if I forget to add it in! Most of my ideas are from things I have done in the past or from my list of favorite blogs on the side!! If anyone does read this blog, I hope you enjoy and get some fun information for your children from it!! Feel free to leave me comments I would love to hear about your ideas!!