Monday, April 13, 2009

A Lovely Easter!

My three adorable bunnies - Abigail, Emma, and Jesse!
After the egg hunt we had bunny pancakes for breakfast! Banana ears, strawberry noses, blueberry eyes, I was going to do a blueberry mouth but it was Easter so we did chocolate chips for the mouth!! Added a little whip cream and of course a chocolate egg! Breakfast for champions!!heehee
Then the children decided to make their own creations!! Jesse said his was a shark!

Abby changed her bunny around! - notice the chocolate is the first thing gone:0)

Emma made a funny face!!

Later we made more marshmellow bunnies!!

and cupcakes for dessert!! Yummy!!

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  1. These looks so good. I especially like the pancake creations--what fun!