Monday, April 20, 2009

Sensory Table

I was not sure what to call this post, basically I have two plastic bins that I normally have water in and therefore I call it the "water table." For this post I wanted to show some other fun things that I have put in the bins for the children to play with. Also just as a warning - I own a Shop Vac!! Otherwise I think this table would be an outdoor only toy with some of the things I have put in it!!!:0)
Back in October we made coloured rice, let it dry then added a few cups to let the children scoop the rice with!!

I had an old opened package of pasta that I found in the back of my cupboard when I finally got around to spring cleaning and thought I don't want to feed it to my family so why not let the children play with it?!!! I added a few trucks to make a bumpy road then the children added their own cups and fry pans!

Yep that is what I did, I brought sand inside!! I have not done this very often as we do have a sandbox outside but it was for my daughters 'Little Mermaid' themed birthday. There is sand, shells and shovels. It can get very messy and I find it dusty too! (This sand was bought in a bag from Toys R Us). Of course the children had a great time but I think I will leave sand for outside play!!!:0)

This is what I call Puff Wheat Cereal! You can buy it in huge bags in the cereal isle! The 'puffs' are soft and squishy and the children loved to play with it!!!!! It does get everywhere but was very easy to vacuum up!
On those winter days when it was just too cold to go outside, I brought the snow inside!!! It was lots of fun and you can make it a science experiment too showing them the melted snow the next day!! One year I did this I had mittens for the kids to put on while they played but I found the mittens were a bit of a pain. I think children are not as sensitive to the cold as adults are and they had fun playing in it with their bare hands. I also had shovels and spoons for them to use!

Jesse made a few snow castles!!
This one I just did at Easter time. I put water with bubbles and a whole bunch of plastic Easter eggs!!

What do you put in your 'sensory' table? Or do you have any suggestions of other things I can put in for the children? If you have any other ideas for me I would love to hear them, just leave me a comment!!!:0)


  1. Great ideas! We love sensory tables around here! Colored rice a always a huge hit. I've also filled mine with pom poms, scoops, and bowls. Lately we've had a spring flower and a ocean animal sensory table. I'll post those on my blog soon.

  2. We have a bucket of dried beans. I hide different things in it and ask Adam to find the paper clip or the red crayon, etc.