Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yummy Bunnies and Easter Crafts!

I will apologize now for some of the sideways pictures!! I take all my pictures the same way and I have no idea why when I load them, a few get turned the wrong way!!!!ARG!! If anyone knows what I am doing wrong or how I can turn them after they have been loaded, I would love to be able to correct it!!
Now onto my yummy bunnies!! Here is what I used: 2 big marsh mellows for the head and body, 11 small marsh mellows for the ears, hands, feet and one for the tail, mini m&m's for the eyes, a chocolate chip for the nose, licorice for the whiskers, and I had some red icing on hand so I used that for the mouth. The ears and tail I put on toothpicks and everything else I put on using icing.
Here is another picture showing one bunny's tail!
Another bunny eating a carrot!;0)

The 'carrots' in the picture are just cheese's in small sandwich bags tied together with green ribbon!!
The little chicks in the next picture turned out so cute (you just have to turn your head sideways - grrrrrrr!!) I cut out an egg shape for the body, orange for the beak and feet, google eyes, a feather and the wings are the child's hands attached with brads.

I believe I got this idea from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Paint the children's feet white to make bunny ears. The face is a decorated paper plate!
This idea was from No Time for Flashcards. The eggs are made out of a cereal box. I cut out an egg shape and had the children paint them. Let it dry, glue the chicks in with a feather and the crack in the egg is attached using a brad again!

These were tiny baskets that I printed off the Internet, the children coloured. I cut and glued.
Here is what they look like from the back!! Fuzzy little tails!!:0)
My three as well as the two little girls I look after all love to marble paint!!! Here are the bunnies they made and I loved how they turned out!! I cut bunnies out of yellow paper, put them in a shoe box with some marbles and pink and purple paint!!
They also made some Easter eggs with the marbles!!

Another sideways picture, this is a cute little card. The idea is from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman! The children coloured the egg on the front then you lift it up....... the Easter Bunny!!!!

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