Thursday, April 30, 2009

R is for Red Rainbow Rabbit

For the letter R, I drew and cut out a capital R on red paper. Next the children glued on the other colours of the rainbow that I had already pre-cut. (This part took a little coaching on my, they all did it together and I would tell them what the next colour of the rainbow was.) The strips of colour were too long so I cut the extra off to make it look like an R again. The ear, google eyes and pom pom tails were then glued on. The children drew their own noses and mouths and ta-da we have a rabbit!!!:0) The children liked the finished product but I found this art project was not very open-ended or in other words did not let the children use their imagination too much. I found I was doing a lot of the cutting and guiding with colours - oh well, onto the next letter....

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